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Development of AutophaChip, an autophagy-dedicated microarray

In parallel to HADb, we developed an autophagy-dedicated oligonucleotide microarray to study the regulation of gene transcription in various human models.

To date, the array is composed of 231 human genes orchestrating the initiation, the execution and the regulation of the autophagic process. Positive and negative controls are also present on the array together with spikes (Arabidopsis thaliana).
The upgrade of the array is under progress.

The array will be available at the beginning of 2010 when the final validation process is completed.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Bassam Janji (PhD)       at bassam.janji@crp-sante.lu
Dr Etienne Moussay (PhD) at etienne.moussay@crp-sante.lu