We created this database as complete as possible by using our own knowledge and the current state of the autophagy-dedicated literature.

However, in order to maintain a complete and up-to-date database, we are open to any submission of a gene and/or protein if any scientific evidence of its implication can be clearly established.

If you intend to submit a new entry, please try to comply with the following rules when sending your e-mail.

1) Only scientific evidences published in peer-review journals will be taken into consideration when entering our reviewing process.
2) If you are not the author of the manuscript you cite, please clearly indicate the references of the article.
3) Try to be precise and concise when explaining the reasons of your submission.
4) Try to use the correct names and ID when citing genes and/or proteins by using recognized databases denominations (HGNC, RefSeq, Uniprot, HPRD, Ensembl).

Please email to Dr Bassam Janji (PhD) or to Dr Etienne Moussay (PhD)